Tuesday, July 23, 2019

DIY Electronics

DIY is becoming very popular now. It is always good to be able to do something with your hands. But, please, never try to make tools. Handmade tools are not only dangerous but also pretty much useless. It is always easier to buy good tools in your local market. Thus, saving time and health. Nowadays, our industry provides us with all we need, so there is no reason for you to make any tools at all. But it doesn't mean that you should quit your hobby!

Electronics becomes more and more important. Humanity needs engineers, scientists, and all other tech-related experts.  There is a way how you can relatively easy start your way in electrical DIY.  Start working with Arduino! It is a single-board microcontroller provided with software IDE. With Arduino, you can build electrical devices, motion objects, robots with different sensors, etc.  So, how do you start working with Arduino?

  1. Electric circuits.

What do you know about electric circuits? Are you familiar with electricity? Calm down, you won't need to memorize various formulas or perform any calculations. But we must warn you that Arduino requires a basic understanding of electricity and electrical circuits. If you want to do something with this microcontroller, then you need to familiarize how its electrical components work. You won’t need to dive in your local library to read hundreds of books about electronics, but be prepared to spend a couple of evenings reading articles on the Internet.

  1. Software.

You can use almost any programing language to work with Arduino. Arduino IDE (integrated development environment) is cross-platform and can be installed on any Operation System (Linux, macOS, Windows or even Android). Don't be afraid If you have never worked with programming languages before. It is pretty easy to learn basic things to start working with Arduino. There are many websites and YouTube channels that will help you. Again, don’t expect it to be very easy, but in a week you will be able to write decent code that does something good.

  1. Buy Arduino KIT.

There many different modifications of this microcontroller. You should start with Arduino Uno. It is the most universal controller that will satisfy all your needs. Originally Arduino came from Italy, but now it is legally manufactured in many other countries. This is why it is relatively cheap. You will only need to buy it once and then it will serve you for many years. And don't forget to buy a kit with it. When you are a beginner you don't know what you will like about Arduino. Maybe you will be building robots, maybe smart house systems or something else. KITs provide you with options to choose what you would like to do with your Arduino.

            The amount of things that you can build with Arduino is almost uncountable. Make sure that you started with something simple that can be done in less than a week. A huge project usually requires high skills and lots of time. This may lead to burnout because it requires too much from you. This hobby requires time and attentiveness from you. By working with Arduino you invest in your skills and broaden your understanding of how modern world works.